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The migration from an architecture to a new is
always a big step that shows how well preparation
and planning were.
Ideally, everything runs smoothly and the users
little notice that the IT architecture has changed.
In the worst case, business processes can stall because necessary software, data (data quality) or servers are no longer available.


The company core2x has collected the best possible scenarios through practical experience from different perspectives (business branches, IT, governance) and can make a significant contribution especially in the planning, implementation and verification of migration. and thus lead your project to success.


Due to dynamic process changes, the focus on future software and tool selection is becoming more and more important.
By working with a variety of different software vendors in the context of migrations (SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft ...), we have acquired an in-depth knowledge and are on hand to provide advice to support the selection of a suitable tool.


Good data quality is the basic building block for sound reporting and the basis for many business decisions. Through our approach to migration, which we simulate in different cycles, we achieve a very good overview of the data quality in the systems and can initiate the harmonization and purification of the data at an early stage. Simple and comprehensible processes support the willingness of key users to clean up identified data problems in a timely and effective manner.

Master Data Governance

Gartner Statement: "[...] managing master data and data quality are dynamic and agile processes that require constant monitoring and change to reflect the challenges and goals of the company. If you don't create a plan to set up data governance early, you'll need to address serious obstacles as you move around your project."

Together with us, you will find the best governance approach for your entire master data management. Define with us the different levels of maturity of corporate management in order to achieve added value for your company.
We support you in implementing comprehensive and realistic data governance policies and practices.


We have extensive project experience in the field of global master data via SAP MDG.
With the introduction of SAP-MDG-M for a global pharmaceutical and chemical company from Darmstadt, from 2012 to 2019, our consultants were valued as very good knowledge carriers and used as "business architects" in various projects.


In order to ensure parallel maintenance of master data and thus to orchestrate and accelerate the investment and change process, we support you in the selection and implementation of workflow tools. The correct selection and use of a workflow tool in conjunction with a working authorization process is an absolute "must have". Take advantage of the relevant experience of our team and generate the best possible workflow for your company, thus achieving a new level of quality in your master data.

what we're doing


Industry experience

Our consultants have many years of experience in various industries. Especially in the field of pharmaceuticals/chemistry and thus in the GxP relevant environment, we look back on more than 20 successfully carried out migrations.


Our goal is to ensure a smooth migration of data. In this context, we take over all necessary project activities - from coordination, field mapping, extract, transfomation and loading in the target system. Furthermore, we support the customer in the data cleansing and data collection processes in the validated and unvalidated environment. Especially in the area of global master data migration, there is a very high complexity and thus a high risk associated. We have demonstrated in various projects that we are familiar with these problems and have been able to reduce the risks.


We continuously develop programs and methods to simplify complex migrations in the best possible way. In this way, we exclude the risk of data inconsistencies and consenosive interruptions in the customer's operations.


With each new acquisition and added ERP systems, the complexity and quality requirements of the data to be migrated increase. Support via ETL tools and quality reports is therefore mandatory.
From our many years of project experience, we have been able to build up in-depth knowledge with a wide range of migration tools and advise you professionally in choosing the right tool.
Together with you, we analyse the requirements of your project and work together to find an adequate, system-supported solution.

our goals

Road Map

October 2018
Founding of the "core2x UG"
January 2019
Start of operation
September 2019
Conversion of "core2x UG" to "core2x GmbH“
October 2019
core2x LLC founded (New Hampshire, USA)


Headquarters Germany

core2x GmbH
Magdalenenstraße 10
64390 Erzhausen

contact person: Bjoern Hampel

Represented by business executive:
Guido Schwerdt & Bjoern Hampel

Subsidiary USA

core2x LLC
40 Dunbarton Dr
Nashua, NH 03063

contact person: Bruce Irving

Represented by business executive:
Bruce Irving