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Our Approach


Ensure parallel maintenance of master data, and thus to orchestrate and accelerate the creation and change process, we support you in the selection and implementation of workflow tools. The proper selection and use of a workflow tool in combination with a functioning authorization process is an absolute “must-have”. Take advantage of the relevant experience of our team and generate the best possible workflow for your company. This will help you achieve a new level of quality in your master data.


core2x has gathered the best possible scenarios through practical experience from different perspectives (business lines, IT, governance), and can make a significant contribution especially in migration planning, implementation and verification. Thus, we help your project to succeed.


Due to dynamic process changes, the attention to the future software and tool selection becomes more and more important.
By working with a variety of different software vendors in the context of migrations like SAP and ORACLE, we have acquired in-depth knowledge and are available to provide various solution options.


Good data quality is the basic building block for solid reporting and the basis for many business decisions. Through our migration approach, which we simulate in different cycles, we achieve a very good overview of the data quality in the systems, and can initiate the harmonization and cleansing of the data at an early stage. Simple and understandable processes support the willingness of key users to clean up identified data problems promptly and effectively.